Introducing The Next Generation of Foam Mattress Technology


Sometimes meeting the needs of the customer requires adopting a revolutionary new approach. This is especially true when it comes to innovations tackling the day-to-day challenges of getting a good night’s sleep. Next Generation Memory Foam is the 4th generation in foam mattress technology, engineered to provide about a cooler, more comfortable sleep than ever before.

Memory foam represented a major step forward when it emerged on the market, offering far greater comfort and support than traditional spring mattresses. The major complaint levelled against memory foam was over heat retention, with some consumers finding that they felt too hot during the night when sleeping on a memory foam mattress. Next Generation Memory Foam offers the solution to this – its breakthrough Cool Sleep Concept dissipates heat away from the body, leading to a far cooler and sounder sleep.

Next Generation Memory Foam also gives you breathability far beyond anything you can get from a conventional memory foam mattress. It is proven to provide 30 times greater airflow than a premium viscoelastic mattress, reducing humidity and preventing the growth of allergens. The result is a long-lasting mattress that offers unrivalled comfort, hygiene and restorative sleep.

At Mattress Guru we have three mattress models manufactured with Next Generation Memory Foam. The standard Regal model incorporates all the fourth generation cutting edge features of next generation foam, the Emperor model offers additional support (ideal for back pain sufferers) and the Anniversary has a deeper layer of Vasco Cooling Foam for even greater comfort.

Cleverly conceived, scientifically designed – the only thing left to mention is the outstanding service. We deliver your mattress to you free of charge wherever you are in the country, with the option to return your mattress after 30 days for a full refund if you’re not 100% happy with it. Our Next Generation Memory Foam mattresses have been designed and manufactured in the UK with long-lasting durability in mind – and there is a 5 year warranty to prove it, should you encounter any problems.

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