Which Mattress Type is Right for You?


Once you’ve decided it’s time for a new mattress, the variety of options can be extremely daunting. In this month’s blog article, we explain the main mattress types and their different features and benefits.

Memory Foam Mattress

Developed originally by NASA, memory foam is made from a soft foam called viscoelastic. It is designed to mould to your body shape, meaning that it outperforms just about all other mattresses in terms of comfort – allowing better circulation and relief for back trouble.

it’s now available for an affordable price – our Savers Memory Foam Mattress is just £80 for a single, £100 for a double, and £124 for a King.

Springs Mattress

A springs mattress will provide comfort and durability for an affordable price. Many people prefer sleeping on a springs mattress rather than on memory foam, as they find the firmness more suitable for their needs.

As well as offering springs mattresses, we also have mattresses that combine springs with a 5cm layer of memory foam – giving you the best of both worlds, with prices starting at just £130.

Latex Foam

Latex mattresses have many advantages when compared with memory foam and springs mattresses. A latex foam mattress is exceptionally durable and will outlast most other mattress types, making them great value in the long run.

Like memory foam, the latex material moulds to your shape, ensuring a comfortable but firm sleeping surface. Our Natural Latex Form Mattresses (with 2cm of latex foam) are available to buy online from £170.

Revo Foam Mattress

Revo foam represents the next generation in foam mattress technology. It offers all the comfort and support of a memory foam mattress, but with an added layer of cooling gel, to ensure heat is dissipated away from your body and your sleep does not become too hot and humid during the summer months.

Prices for our Revo 4th Gen Foam Mattresses start from £239 for a single.

30 Day Test

With so many mattress types, the only real way to test if a mattress is right for you is by trying it out. And that doesn’t mean sitting on it for a couple of minutes in the shop – to really test it you need to spend several nights sleeping on it and really get a sense of how it affects your sleep.

Fortunately, we offer you the opportunity to do that with our 30 Day Free Mattress Test. Order a memory foam, latex, springs or Revo foam mattress from Mattress Guru and it will be delivered to your door - if you are not completely happy with it, simply re-package and return it within 30 days and we will either give you a full refund or a new mattress of your choosing.

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